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Hello & Welcome!

I cater to busy professionals who are looking for support and guidance when it comes to the food they eat and would like help maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. I provide a variety of services depending on what your needs are at the time. I offer weekly menus for food prep, meal pick-up or delivery, and desserts or meal orders for businesses, events, holidays, private catering, and other services by request. I can also connect you with other folks in the industry if you need staffing for private events.


- Initial discussion about your dietary needs and food preferences.
- Weekly check-in so you can tell me what foods are working for you.
- Grocery shopping and purchasing ingredients for your meals.
- All food is prepped, cooked, and packed in disposable containers.
- Meals can be picked up in person or delivered locally to your home. 
- Meals come ready to heat & eat! Refrigerate or freeze until ready to eat.

All of the foods that I cook are made with healthy, natural ingredients. I buy organic and shop for locally sourced produce and other items as much as possible. I cook a lot of vegetarian and vegan meals; however, I will cook meat as well if that’s something that suits your needs.

Cost will include:

- For Weekly Meal Delivery you can order directly from the menu & view prices there.
- For Desserts, Custom Orders, or Personalized Menus, please contact me by email.
- Private Catering, Events, and anything extra will be priced on an individual basis.
- Private Chef Services are $30 per hour, plus the cost of groceries and travel.
- Staffing for weddings and other events is $30 per hour, per person needed. 
- Large dessert orders for businesses can be priced per item.

My goal is to prepare foods that will energize your body and help provide strength to tackle anything your day presents, while still pleasuring your palate with a variety of delicious flavors. Email me if you have any questions or would like to set up services. I look forward to filling your tummy with my amazing meals and gourmet desserts!