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The Helping Hands

You never know when your helping hand will change another person’s life!


  Catering to the needs of my clients and making a difference to each and every one!


Searching For Happiness




  •    * Loneliness due to the death of a spouse, family member, or friend. 
  •    * Feeling isolated as adult children move or get busier with their own life.
  •    * Dependence on caregivers to help perform activities of daily living.
  •    * Feeling stressed due to financial issues from loss of regular income.
  •    * Struggling to cope with, and difficulty accepting, physical changes.
  •    * Advancing age severely limits mobility and the pursuit of hobbies. 
  •    * Feelings of sadness due to retirement or lack of routine activities.
  •    * Depression due to acute or chronic medical problems and medication. 


Old age should be a time for peace and relaxation, but with aging comes 

a variety of health and social problems. With the inability to perform once cherished activities, as well as losing touch with loved ones and close friends, 

it can seem inevitable for elderly seniors to become lonely or depressed. When 

I ask my clients what is most important in maintaining a happy and healthy  lifestyle, most have said that staying connected to family and friends is what matters to them the most. Nearly all of them had regrets or things they wished they had done, longing for friendships they let go and connections they let slip

away. They all need a friendly face to talk to, someone that can break up the monotony of their day, and comfort them when they are hurt or feeling sad.

Seniors need someone to listen to them. And they deserve to be heard. These

aging adults are wise beyond our years and we can learn so much from them. Despite whatever mental or physical problems might come with age, the older generation is full of great stories of life before our time. They offer great advice on everything, from life and relationships, to investing and saving money. And all they really want in return is for someone to really listen to them- to show them that they care. Elderly people go through a lot of physical, psychological, and behavioural changes. Intellectual ability and physical capacity declines with advancing age. For elderly people with dementia, relocation can cause social isolation. Moving away from their known surroundings causes confusion, and their increasing dependence on others may lead to frustration. This can cause seniors to avoid social situations altogether and become even more isolated and lonely.

Sometimes the feeling of losing control, or the inability to make decisions for  themselves, can also lead to anxiety or depression. Not being able to express their feelings to anyone, or lack of a confidante or friend, may cause even more  loneliness. One problem with determining what makes a life well lived, is this: the definition of happiness changes depending on each client and their values, goals, and cultural beliefs. My mission is to engage my clients in simple, every day tasks that will help them occupy their time, keep their minds sharp, give them a purpose, and bring them happiness and joy throughout their final days. This is exactly how our elderly folks should be enjoying their bonus years - being happy and feeling loved!

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