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The Helping Hands

You never know when your helping hand will change another person’s life!


  Catering to the needs of my clients and making a difference to each and every one!


 Services for Seniors, Disabled Adults, Children, 
          Wounded Warriors, and Everyone Else! 


 I Strive to Bring Meaning, Purpose, and Joy to those with memory loss .   .   .   .
 As dementia and alzheimer's progresses, engaging in life
skills or routines gets   increasingly challenging. Seniors need the support of an experienced caregiver;     someone who can adapt activities and allow them to feel a sense of enjoyment,     
 accomplishment, and success. A successful life enrichment program hits all five

 dimensions of wellness: Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Physical, and Educational.     
 Sometimes a sixth dimension, occupational, is added. This applies to me directly,
 as it is defined as recognizing personal satisfaction and enrichment in your life   through work. I find great joy in my job, and in my ability to put a smile on a lonely   
senior's face. Sometimes we find the most happiness when we bring it to others! 


   SERVICES I PROVIDE                                   

* Daily, Weekly, Or Bi-Weekly Help
* House Cleaning And Organization
* Socialization And Companionship
* Healthcare Assistance As Needed
* Scratch-Made Organic Meals
* Fresh, Natural Ingredients

  * Delicious Gourmet Desserts 
  * Meal Plans And Grocery Shopping

  * Nutrition And Wellness Support
  * Special Diets Prepared As Needed
  * Allergies Can Be Accommodated
  * Care Provided With Lots Of Love


 If you are looking for a superhero: You've
 found one! 
I've been a professional caregiver,   off-and-on, since 2009. I am a compassionate,     patient, fun-loving person. I strive to make a   difference in the lives of each and every client.


I am a reliable caregiver, available as needed. I offer assistance in the comfort and convenience of your own home. This allows your loved ones to age independently, 
in the home they have known and loved much of their lives. Care can be arranged in advance; or give me a call last minute. Available for long-term and short-term care.

Scheduled, on-call, or respite care available. Full-time or part-time, as needed. Rates include gas, mileage, errands, and transportation for appointments. No additional charges or fees. Monday thru Friday only: No Weekends. My mission is to give clients and their families peace of mind, knowing that a caring professional is there to help.

Rates will be between $25 to $35 per hour. Rates are based off of the client's needs, level of care, and travel time, and will be determined prior to the first day of care.


 Food And Fellowship

 Home Health Services

 Cleaning And Organization

 Healthy, Home Cooked Meals

 Gourmet Desserts


Compassionate care in the comfort of your own home.